"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Sultress - Meg Turney

Queen of the Nerds
I never heard of Meg but now she is on my radar.

Megan LeeAnn "MegTurney (born March 12, 1987) is an American internet personality, cosplayer, model, and vlogger. She became an internet personality through her hosting work, formerly with SourceFed and Rooster Teeth's The Know. She also maintains a personal YouTube channel where she posts weekly vlogs

In addition to her work with online media, Turney has also earned notability for her cosplaying at various conventions such as Comic-Con.

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Nerds in the News

YouTube Star Couple Targeted by Gunman in Home-Invasion Attack

(Variety)  -  A “single, lonely and disturbed” man, armed with a handgun, drove 11 hours to the home of YouTube celebrity couple Gavin Free and Meg Turney in Austin, Texas — evidently intending to kill Free, according to a police report.

The incident occurred early the morning of Jan. 26, when a man broke into Free and Turney’s home and fired at least one gunshot, according to a search warrant from the Albuquerque police that was obtained by the Albuquerque Journal. Detectives in Albuquerque were investigating the suspect, Christopher Giles, who lived there.

Gavin Free is the creator of the Slow Mo Guys channel on YouTube along with Daniel Gruchy; the duo created a YouTube ad-supported original series that launched last month. Turney is a former Rooster Teeth host and cosplayer, while Free continues to be a regular member of the Rooster Teeth crew (having appeared in both “Lazer Team” movies and other projects).

On Jan. 26, Free and Turney called 911, hiding in a closet while the intruder searched the home. Police arrived 10 minutes later, according to the police report. Giles was pronounced dead at the scene, with an initial report from the medical examiner indicated he died of a self-inflicted gunshot. Giles apparently had developed an obsession with Turney and had notes on his phone that included one that said “I want Gavin Free to die alone, with no children,” per the search warrant, which was filed last week with a New Mexico state court.

“Based on the [security camera] footage seen it was apparent that Giles’ sole intent was to cause harm to someone who resides there,” police said in the search warrant.

On Monday, the YouTubers expressed gratitude to their fans for their support and the Austin Police Department for their fast response to the emergency.

Tucker: Media Want ‘Country Where Only People in Charge Have Guns and Everyone Else Obeys’

(CNS News)  -  “Blustery charlatans in the media” actually have much “darker” aims than stopping violence, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson warned Thursday.
What liberal media and politicians want when they call for “gun control” is really “people control” – a subservient populace helpless to defend itself – Carlson said. “For the left, voters who can’t be controlled can’t be trusted,” he concluded:
“We ought to do our honest best, as a nation, to figure out, exactly, what is going on here. But, we’re not doing that. That vital conversation has been drowned out, and made impossible, by mindless preaching about gun control, led by blustery charlatans in the media – you know exactly who they are – and also in Congress, whose only real agenda is moral preening.
“They aren’t trying to the problem – their aims are darker than that.
Press a little bit and you’ll see it. ‘Sensible gun reforms” – you hear that phrase a lot – you heard it all day today on cable news – what, exactly does that mean? Sensible gun reform: banning bump stocks? No.”
"Dan Pfeiffer was a senior advisor to Barack Obama, now he’s a contributor at CNN, of course. Last fall, he wrote an article attacking his fellow Democrats for what he bluntly called a fake moderation on guns.
“His advice was this: Stop pretending to respect the Constitution and instead focusing on appointing judges who will nullify it. The goal: gun seizures, ammunition regulation, the disarmament of the American population.country where only the people in charge have guns and everyone else obeys.
“In the wake of yesterday’s shooting, Pfeiffer’s piece is going viral on the left. What he wrote is what they believe. So, let’s stop lying about this. The calls you’re hearing today for gun control have nothing to do with protecting Americans from violence.
“What you’re witnessing is a kind of class war. The left hates rural America. Red America. Gun-owning America. The America that elected Donald Trump, they hate them.
Progressives are still in charge of most of the major institutions in this country, and they despise the autonomy of an armed population.They want collective punishment for the sins of a few. They seek to obliterate a core constitutional right rather than trying to mitigate its downside.”
“They call it gun control, but it’s not. It’s people control."
“For the left, voters who can’t be controlled can’t be trusted.”
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Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Infowars

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Femmes with Firearms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Army drops grenade throwing requirement - Soldiers are too weak

A Bunch of God Damned Pussies
"The term Jumbo Shrimp has always amazed me. What is a Jumbo Shrimp? I mean, it's like Military Intelligence - the words don't go together, man."
George Carlin

(London Daily Mail)  -  The United States Army will no longer require recruits to show they can throw hand grenades 25 meters because many of them can’t throw the explosive far enough, it revealed on Friday.

The Army says that starting next summer it will remove the requirement from its Basic Combat Training because it takes too much time to teach enlistees to throw grenades at an adequate distance.
The new policy was reported by Military.com.

‘What we have found is it is taking far, far too much time,’ said Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, the commanding general of the US Army Center of Initial Military Training.

‘It's taking three to four times as much time ... just to qualify folks on the hand grenade course than we had designated so what is happening is it is taking away from other aspects of training.’

‘We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don't have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters,’ he said.

Many who are critical of the army's recent attempts to recruit women jumped on the news to blame increased diversity in the army for the drop in physical demands. 

On Facebook, John Clayton wrote: 'Army to lower hand grenade requirements because women do not have the strength to throw it far enough to meet existing requirements to graduate SMH.'

'One of my female soldiers couldn't throw a grenade so she couldn't deploy,' wrote Anthony Anderson. 

'This generation is just weak and lazy, and think they deserve everything.' 

'When you turn your military into a social experiment, you get these kind of results,' wrote Zac Booterbaugh. 

Others on Facebook say that women and men among the younger generation are spending too much time indoors.

'I cannot believe it,' wrote Harry Davis. 'The people going to basic training are not strong enough to pass the grenade portion of qualification to graduate so they just remove the requirement.

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Manual of Arms - Three Stooges

The GOP Witch Hunt Against Trump

The GOP Witch Hunt
goes on and on

  • Looking at the endless GOP run investigations of Russia and Trump a "Crazy Blogger" like me might conclude that it is the Democrats who are really running Congress.
  • Yep phony GOP "investigations" of Russia and Trump while the Clinton Foundation and FBI corruption are ignored.

(Yahoo News)  -  The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee says he has launched an investigation into the White House’s decision to keep staff secretary Rob Porter in his job for months after the West Wing was reportedly informed by the FBI of domestic abuse allegations against him.
“I spent two decades believing women and children who alleged abuse, even sometimes when no one else did,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., a former prosecutor, said on CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday. “I have real questions about whether someone like this can be considered for employment, whether there’s a security clearance issue or not. So yeah, I’m troubled by almost every aspect of this.”
Porter resigned from his post last week after the allegations of domestic battery by his two ex-wives were published. Porter has denied the allegations.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Black Dominatrix Uses Her White Male Clients For ‘Emotional Reparations’

Black on White "Reparations"

A dominatrix is using her career to transform how white men see Black women. In what she describes as an “emotional sense of reparations,” Mistress Velvet employs Black feminist theory to help push her mostly white, male clients from fetishizing Black women to having a deeper understanding.

The Domme’s relationship with her submissive subjects has had profound implications for her clients.

“I describe it as a form of reparations ― not in a systemic way like we’re getting land back, but definitely on an individual level, it provides me with an emotional sense of reparations,” she told The Huffington Post in a Tuesday, Feb. 13 article. “That’s because of the nature of the dynamic ― that [my clients] usually are white men, that they’re straight, and they’re usually pretty well-off to be able to sustain a relationship with a Domme.

“I started to think more about my relationship with them,” the Chicago PhD student continued. “A lot of them were asking questions. Some people were saying, ‘This is really impacting me in terms of how I think outside of our sessions.’ A client said he started to notice he would only hold the door open for Black women. One client started an organization for Black single mothers in the South Side of Chicago.”

Still, Mistress Velvet said she wants more of a drastic shift in her clients and “just allowing them to be submissive” doesn’t always do the job. That’s when she employs Black feminist theory from books like Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsiders” and Patricia Hill Collins’ “Black Feminist Thought.” The chapter on controlling images is one Mistress Velvet definitely has the men read.

“Then, it’s moving from them simply fetishizing Black women, to realizing: This is a systemic issue I’m contributing to by the virtue of being a white man and being rich,” she said.

“In terms of unpacking their way of fetishizing Black women and stereotypes about Black women, I ask them, ‘Why do you want to be in my presence, why do you find me attractive?’” she added. “And sometimes they might say things that then remind me of stereotypes of Black women ― like a jezebel or something ― so I’ll have them read a piece about how what they said is related to this historic phenomenon about thinking about Black women. I say, ‘Here are its roots. Here’s why it’s problematic.’ That way, I can say, ‘You can idolize me, but we need to have it be done in a way that isn’t also problematic.’”

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The Fight For Free Speech

Must See Video

The Oligarchs on both the Left and the Right
are coming for our freedoms.

California GOP is in total collapse

A One-Party People's Republic
  • The corrupt 2018 California general election ballot for Governor might once again feature a Democrat vs Democrat race. 
  • The highest ranking candidate of the open borders GOP registers a pitiful 8% in the polls.
  • The GOP is not even running a candidate for U.S. Senate.  It will be a Democrat vs. Democrat in November.

(Politico)  -  The California governor’s race has suddenly turned into a Democratic nail-biter.

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has climbed to within two percentage points of longtime frontrunner Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

The former San Francisco mayor’s once-formidable lead over Villaraigosa — numerous polls gave him a double-digit advantage — has now collapsed to a 23 percent to 21 percent edge among likely California voters, well within the non-partisan poll’s margin of error.

“Two Democrats are in a virtual tie in the top-two gubernatorial primary. But a quarter of likely voters are undecided — as many as support either of the front-runners,” said pollster Mark Baldassare, PPIC president and CEO. The poll of 1,705 California residents was taken January 21–30.

Under California’s “top two” or jungle primary system, the top two candidates in the June 5 primary, regardless of their party affiliation, will continue on to the November general election.

Other Candidates:

  • Democratic state Treasurer John Chiang at 9%
  • Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen (8%)
  • Republican businessman John Cox (7%), 
  • Democrat Delaine Eastin (4%)
  • former GOP Rep. Doug Ose (3%)

No Republican for Senate

As Dianne Feinstein seeks a fifth term in the US Senate, she leads de León (46% to 17%), with a third of likely voters (33%) undecided.  Two-thirds of Democratic likely voters (67%) support Feinstein, 19 percent support de León, and 13 percent are undecided. 

With no prominent Republicans in the race, about two-thirds of Republican likely voters (65%) are undecided. 

Among independent likely voters, 41 percent favor Feinstein, 16 percent favor de León, and 39 percent are undecided. Feinstein leads de León by double digits across regions and racial/ethnic groups, and among men (39% to 16%) and women (51% to 18%).

Another GOP Whore Traitor

  • Corrupt whore Governor Schwarzenegger cut a deal with fellow Republicans and Democrats to abolish party primaries in California in a direct move to weaken Conservatives and elect "moderates".
  • As an added bonus all independent candidates and smaller political parties are effectively banned from all general election ballots.
  • Reason #46 why I refuse to vote for Republicans any more.

A One-Party U.S. Senate Election
In 2016 California voters were given the pretend "choice" between Democrat Kamala Harris and Democrat Loretta Sanchez. Voters were not allowed any other choices on the general election ballot.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"Extremist" Internet Content To Be Blocked By AI

Bullshit Alert

  • The so-called "Conservative" Party is using ISIS as the excuse for developing AI internet censorship . . . . ignore the fact that ISIS is virtually extinct. 
  • A "Crazy Blogger" like me might suspect the government has other targets in mind for internet censorship.

(TechCrunch)  -  The UK government's pressure on tech giants to do more about online extremism just got weaponized. 
The Home Secretary has today announced a machine learning tool, developed with public money by a local AI firm, which the government says can automatically detect propaganda produced by the Islamic State terror group with "an extremely high degree of accuracy".
The technology is billed as working across different types of video-streaming and download platforms in real-time, and is intended to be integrated into the upload process -- as the government wants the majority of video propaganda to be blocked before it's uploaded to the Internet.

So yes this is content moderation via pre-filtering -- which is something the European Commission has also been pushing for. Though it's a highly controversial approach, with plenty of critics. Supporters of free speech frequently describe the concept as 'censorship machines', for instance.
Last fall the UK government said it wanted tech firms to radically shrink the time it takes them to eject extremist content from the Internet -- from an average of 36 hours to just two. It's now evident how it believes it can force tech firms to step on the gas: By commissioning its own machine learning tool to demonstrate what's possible and try to shame the industry into action.
TechCrunch understands the government acted after becoming frustrated with the response from platforms such as YouTube. It paid private sector firm, ASI Data Science, £600,000 in public funds to develop the tool -- which is billed as using "advanced machine learning" to analyze the audio and visuals of videos to "determine whether it could be Daesh propaganda".
Specifically, the Home Office is claiming the tool automatically detects 94% of Daesh propaganda with 99.995% accuracy -- which, on that specific sub-set of extremist content and assuming those figures stand up to real-world usage at scale, would give it a false positive rate of 0.005%.
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1984 is Here
kk"Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."
 - - - Robert A. Heinlein
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1984 - Conservatives crack down on "hate speech"

Freedom of Speech Rejected by Conservatives
1984 - "Ministry of Truth" set up by government
Communist police use smart glasses to identify "suspects"
Limbaugh - Internet Giants are Stalinists

The unconstitutional Syrian War goes on and on and on

And no one gives a damn

  • Democrat or Republican. It does not matter. Both parties openly piss on the Constitution on behalf of the Military-Industrial Complex to give us eternal wars.
  • The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous." - George Orwell

(Business Insider)  -  A US jet operating in Syria destroyed a Russian-made T-72 battle tank near Al Tabiyeh, Syria, on Saturday, a Pentagon representative confirmed to Business Insider on Tuesday.
"The tank had been maneuvering with coordinated indirect fire on a defensive position occupied by Syrian Democratic Forces and Coalition advisers," US Marine Corps Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said, adding that the SDF's "position was within effective range of the hostile weapons systems."
The US has been training, equipping, and backing the SDF rebels in Syria's civil war for years as Russia has provided similar assistance to forces loyal to the Syrian government in close proximity.
Fox News' Lucas Tomlinson first reported the news of the tank's destruction and said three crew members were killed, though their identities and affiliations were unclear. Tomlinson said the tank was destroyed after "pro-regime forces" fired on US special operations troops near the location where 500 pro-government forces attacked a headquarters used by SDF and US troops last week.
The US responded to that attack last Wednesday with a furious barrage of air and artillery strikes and reported killing 100 pro-government troops, but sources told Bloomberg on Saturday that as many as 200 or 300 Russian mercenaries were killed in the attack.
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Eternal War
From the Military-Industrial Complex

"The constitution vests the power of declaring war in Congress; therefore no offensive expedition of importance can be undertaken until after they shall have deliberated upon the subject and authorized such a measure."

George Washington