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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Comics

Garfield at the Vet | Robot Chicken

Blast From the Past
Starbucks in 2015

‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Trafficking

"If you're here to arrest me, there's some people I'd like to roll on."

(Page Six)  -  It was a villainous scheme too twisted for any superhero show.
“Smallville” actress Allison Mack was arrested Friday for her role in sick upstate sex cult Nxivm, where prosecutors allege she recruited “slaves” to sleep with the group’s leader — and held them down as they were “branded” with his initials.
A gaunt, disheveled Mack, 35, appeared in Brooklyn federal court Friday and pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and forced labor — a month after leader Keith Raniere was collared on the same charges.
Mack was Raniere’s direct “slave” and previously had a sexual relationship with him — but also acted as a “master” to other slaves, who were starved and branded like cattle.
50 Shades of Smallville

As Raniere’s initials were being burned into their pubic regions with a cauterizing pen, Mack allegedly put her hands on their chests and told them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [their] master.”
The actress — who played Clark Kent’s pal Chloe Sullivan in the “Smallville” TV series about Superman’s origins — first lured female Nxivm members into the secret society known as The Vow by describing it as a “women’s empowerment group” and cajoled them into handing over “collateral” like embarrassing photos and statements to gain entry, prosecutors allege.
She then groomed the women for sex with Raniere, ordering them to adhere to extremely restrictive diets, refrain from removing their pubic hair and stay celibate, according to court documents.
“Ms. Mack was one of the top members of a highly organized scheme which was designed to provide sex to [Raniere],” Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza said in court Friday.
“Under the guise of female empowerment, she starved women until they fit her co-defendant’s sexual feminine ideal.”
She also forced them to pose naked for photos — “including on one occasion close-up pictures of their vaginas” — that were given to Raniere and also used as collateral, the feds charge.
“All mine?” he texted in response to one naked photo of all the slaves sent by Mack, according to prosecutors.
Mack and other slave “masters” allegedly made their slaves participate in “readiness” drills, requiring them to respond to requests at any time of the day or night so they were “seriously sleep-deprived.”
One of her slaves became so thin and tired that she stopped getting periods.
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Oh Allison, I loved you in Smallville. We all have a dark side, but you really went down a dark path.

'Comey Should Go to Prison' says Former U.S. Attorney

Corruptus in Extremis
Don't worry . . . The Elites never go to jail. The fix is in.

(CNS News)  -  Former U.S. Attorney for D.C. and chief counsel to the Senate Rules Committee Joe diGenova stated on WMAL radio on Friday that the memos written by then-FBI Director James Comey about his conversations with President Donald Trump early in 2017 reveal a "tortured and troubled mind," a man who "committed a crime" and who "should go to prison."
DiGenova, a long-time attorney dealing with white-collar crime and congressional investigations, also said that the memos reminded him of those written by Nazi war criminals, who detailed their illegal actions in documents and then saw those same documents used against them during the Nuremberg trials.
DiGenova added that the Comey memos further confirm that top people in the Justice Department (DOJ), the FBI, and the Obama administration were involved in "a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton, and then if she lost the election, to frame Donald Trump."
During the April 20 interview on WMAL's "Mornings on the Mall," co-host Mary Walter talked about the DOJ Inspector General's criminal referral of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who made false statements, "lacked candor," on four occasions when being interviewed by FBI officials. Was this surprising to you? she asked diGenova. 
“It’s not a surprise and here’s the reason why," said diGenova. "What you are watching is the Department of Justice clumsily get back to a rule of law with one standard, instead of the two standards that were applied during the Obama administration."
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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Sultress - Arianny Celeste, Part II

Arianny Celeste (born Penelope López Márquez on November 12, 1985) is an American ring girl and model. She is best known for being a ring girl for the UFC.

Celeste was born on November 12, 1985, in Las VegasNevada. She is of Filipino and Mexican descent.
Celeste has modeled for magazines such as MaximFHMPlayboySports Illustrated, and Fighter's Only Magazine.   (More)

Kenda Perez, Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer

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End of Summer Bikini Model - Arianny Celeste

Illegal Alien Caravan Reaches U.S.Border

The Endless Flood of Illegals

  • How many billions of the world's illegal alien poor must we take in to be "safe" from being called racists for daring to defend our own borders?
  • No matter which open borders party controls Congress nothing changes. Trump is the ONLY politician willing to act.

(Newsmax)  -  The first 50 Central American migrants in a caravan that set out from southern Mexico in late March have reached the U.S. border, now secured with help from National Guard personnel sent by President Donald Trump.

Since peaking at around 1,500 people, the migrant caravan has dwindled under pressure from Trump and Mexican migration authorities, who vowed to separate those migrants with a right to stay in Mexico from those who did not.

Some of those migrants began arriving in the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Wednesday and have requested asylum in the United States.

"Since yesterday, some began to cross into the United States to turn themselves in from Tijuana and request asylum. We understand more of (the migrants) will do the same," said Jose Maria Garcia, director of Juventud 2000, an organization dedicated to assisting migrants.

He said more migrants, many of whom are stranded in Mexico's central states, are expected to arrive in the coming days.

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Sessions Says He Will Quit If Trump Fires Rosenstein

How many decades are these phony "Investigations" going to go on?

  • Nationalist Trump stands alone in a sea of corrupt Globalist Republicans and Democrats eager to sell out America.
  • A huge disappointment is Jeff Sessions who sleepwalks the halls of Washington clueless about his surroundings. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the White House last weekend that he would quit if President Donald Trump fired Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia probe headed by special counsel Robert Mueller, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The Post cited "people familiar with the exchange," saying that Sessions disclosed his position in a telephone call to White House counsel Donald McGahn.

However, "another person familiar with the exchange said Sessions did not intend to threaten the White House but rather wanted to convey the untenable position that Rosenstein's firing would put him in."

Besides appointing Mueller last year after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Rosenstein also approved the April 9 raid on the Manhattan offices of President Trump's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Trump slammed the raid as a "disgrace" and also bashed it on Twitter.

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment on the Post's report.

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Sessions is Not a Wartime Consigliere

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Femmes with Firearms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

New Yorkers asked "Do You Have Any Republican Friends?"

A new video from PragerU shows that many residents of New York City don’t have any Republican friends — and don’t want to.
“I don’t like that kind of extremism.”
When asked if she had any Republican friends, one woman responded, “No, thank God.”
One man said, “I’ve literally never, like met Republicans. Not even kidding.”

Taxpayers fleeing the Marxist Hell-Hole of New York

Gov. Cuomo grants 35,000 paroled felons right to vote

Gotham Goes To Hell
What the Fuck!
Yet more proof that Leftists are fucking insane

(Fox News)  -  In an executive order signed Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted some 35,000 paroled felons the right to vote.
The move by the second-term Democrat came after state Republicans blocked a bill in the state Senate.
“I’m unwilling to take no for an answer,” Cuomo said at the annual convention of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network in New York City. “I’m going to make it law by executive order.”
“This reform will reduce disenfranchisement and will help restore justice and fairness to our democratic process. Withholding or delaying voting rights diminishes our democracy.”
Cuomo said that nearly three-fourths of parolees in New York are black or Latino, and allowing parolees to vote will help them to reconnect with the community.
But Republicans disagree and already started pouncing on Cuomo over the new measure. Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan said Wednesday that the order was bad public policy and could potentially be illegal because the governor ignored the Legislature.
Ed Cox, chairman of the state Republican Party, in a statement, called the directive an “outrageous power grab” in a bid to appeal to “radical primary voters,” according to the New York Times.
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