"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, September 22, 2017

City Demands Pro-Trump Signs Be Removed

Freedom of Speech Banned
on Private Property

(NECN)  -  A Rockland, Maine, woman says she would rather go to jail than take down her pro-Donald Trump signs.

Susan Reitman has hung two banners on her front gate: One that says "I love Trump" and another that says "He Won, Get over it."

She received a notice from the city’s code enforcement office a few days ago, asking her to take them down.

"I was shocked," she said. "This is my freedom of speech. People have a right to voice their opinion."

Assistant Code Officer Bill Butler said another Rockland resident complained about the signs' size. The city ordinance states residential signs can be no larger than 2 square feet.

Reitman’s signs are a little larger than 3 feet by 2 feet.

"They’re well over the limit," Butler said.

He said residents need to apply for permits to display signs like that. They are able to follow an appeals process if their permits are denied.

She has until Friday to remove the banners, or else face a fine between $100-$1,000 a day.

Less Than 25% of Republicans In Congress Support A Border Wall

Most Republicans are spineless jellyfish
GOP Congressmen drop their pants and bend over on command for open borders Wall Street Oligarchs

(The Economic Collapse)  -  It is time to flush the toilet in Washington D.C., because the professional politicians that we have been sending there just keep betraying us over and over again.  On Wednesday, I was absolutely stunned when I came across a brand new survey that was conducted by USA Today.  
They asked all of the members of Congress whether they support a border wall or not, and less than one out of every 4 Republicans said that they did.  This is just another example of why the American people are so deeply frustrated with the Republican Party these days.  Most Republicans are spineless jellyfish that have been compromising for so long that they don’t really stand for anything anymore.
If President Trump had not promised to build a wall, he never would have won the Republican nomination in 2016, and he sure wouldn’t be the president of the United States today.  This is a point that Ann Coulter had made over and over again, and the fact that I strongly support building a wall is a big reason why she is supporting my campaign for Congress.  Conservatives all over the country want a wall, and that is why it is so disturbing to hear that most Republicans in Congress do not support building one
President Trump has been adamant that he needs Congress to approve funding to start building his border wall, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are far less adamant about supporting it. When asked by the USA TODAY Network whether they support the president’s initial $1.6 billion budget request to begin construction, only 69 of the 292 Republicans on Capitol Hill said “yes.” Among the rest, three Republicans said they oppose the money, several evaded a direct answer, and the rest simply refused to respond to the question.
The USA TODAY Network asked the 534 members of the House and Senate whether they support the $1.6 billion down payment approved by the House and found fewer than 25% of Republicans willing to stand up for the plan.
Building a wall seems like such a no-brainer to me.  For decades we have had an immigration policy that is all mixed up.  We have made it exceedingly difficult to come in through the front door, but meanwhile we have been keeping the back door completely wide open.
Today, our system of legal immigration is a complete and total nightmare.  It is extremely confusing, it is very expensive, and it takes way too long.  I once helped someone through that process, and it was so convoluted that I could barely even understand it.
Meanwhile, we have kept the back door totally wide open and have allowed tens of millions of people to enter this country illegally. 

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Follow The Money
It is all about paying back Wall Street for
their campaign $$$$ by lowering wages.


Thanks to Ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Beer Festival banned by Islamists

Islamo-Fascists Ban Beer

(Reuters) - Malaysian authorities scrapped an annual beer festival on Monday after an Islamist party objected to the event that had been planned for the first weekend of October in the country’s capital.

Though there are plenty of beer drinkers among the sizable Chinese and Indian minorities, protests against events deemed to be “western” and unIslamic - such as concerts and festivals involving alcohol - are common in Muslim-majority Malaysia and are usually led by the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS).

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) said in a short statement on Monday that it has rejected the application for a permit by the organizers of the “Better Beer Festival 2017” to host the event, which would have entered its sixth year.

“If the organizers continue with the event without DBKL’s approval, action will be taken in accordance to existing laws,” city hall said.

Mybeer (M) Sdn Bhd, the company organizing the event, said in a separate statement that they were informed by DBKL officials that the decision was made “due to the political sensitivity surrounding the event”.

A member of PAS’ central committee, Riduan Mohd Nor, said in a statement on Sept. 10 that there is no guarantee that such events would not lead to criminal acts, rape and free sex.

Opponents of the beer festival also launched a campaign on Facebook to block the event.

Around 6,000 people had been expected to attend the two-day festival, which would have featured craft beers from at least 11 countries, according to Facebook posts by the organizers and local news reports.

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Use drug addicts to help develop Siberia

Hard Work Instead of Rehab

(RT News)  -  A lawmaker from the leftist opposition party Fair Russia has proposed developing Siberian land by building rehab clinics where addicts could receive treatment through work, hunting and fishing amid the natural isolation from the outside world.
There are vast spaces in Siberia and the Far East that need to be developed,” MP Oleg Nilov said at a State Duma plenary session on Wednesday. “If we create rehab clinics there the very process of isolation, when there is nothing but taiga for 500km in each direction, would assist the treatment.”
We could use labor therapy, nature, fishing and hunting, and even simply the fresh air,” Nilov added.

I propose that we do this and solve many problems. I am confident that thousands or hundreds of thousands of citizens who would be saved by this program would probably decide not to return to cities where they had received their ‘lethal vaccine.’ They can stay and live in the natural environment, create families there. They would really boost the development of the Far East and Siberia,” the lawmaker stated.
He also said that his plan would only require moderate investment. 
At the same plenary meeting, the State Duma approved in the first reading a bill allowing for a delay in the prison terms for people convicted of drug-related crimes if they are diagnosed with addiction and agree to undergo rehabilitation. The proposal reads that the delay should be sanctioned by a court and not exceed five years.
Drug use has been decriminalized in modern Russia, but it is considered a civil violation punishable by relatively small fines or up to 15 days of administrative arrest. Compulsory treatment for addicts is possible, but requires a court order.
Officials at all levels have repeatedly stated that the legalization of drugs, whether for medical or recreational use, was not on the cards. Currently, Russian laws do not distinguish between soft and hard drugs, and drug production and trafficking is punished with lengthy prison terms.
In a poll conducted in late June this year, 78 percent of Russians say they wanted to bring back criminal penalties for illegal drug use, while only 6 percent spoke in support of legalizing the use of soft drugs.
At the same time, about 43 percent of Russians said they considered drug addiction a form of illness that can and should be cured. Only 28 percent said that all addicts were potentially dangerous and should be kept in isolation.

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Putin in Siberia

Anal sex being taught to students by CNN

Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

(Fox News)  -  CNN on Monday debuted a documentary series meant to investigate sex education in America -- but the first part of the series showcased surprising scenes about what’s being taught in some schools.
The series is titled “This is Sex with Lisa Ling” and the network describes it as a series “exploring the taboos around sex in America and the ways in which sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized.” The digital venture dropped Monday, and the first part, titled “Sex 101,” featured a look inside a California classroom talking about sex in graphic terms.
The documentary showed students learning how to put a condom on fake penis models and being taught about how to have safe anal sex, during the discussion at James Monroe High School in Los Angeles. Questions involved the technical term for a female receiving oral sex and the area of skin between a female’s private parts.
The school has leaned into the state’s very open sexual education laws and even has a teen health clinic where students can get contraception and the “Morning After” pill for free.
Per California law, all of what is taught must be medically accurate and inclusive to all sexual orientations and gender identities without promoting any particular religion. As a result, all topics regarding sex are pretty much on the table. The class’ teacher mentioned that she’s encountered many students comfortable with telling her that they’re transitioning genders and prefer different pronouns.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Brain Dead Jon Huntsman to be Russian Ambassador

Idiot Alert

  • Where does Trump find these brain dead idiots?  
  • New Russian ambassador Jon Huntsman is a civilian with ZERO access to any government secrets. But he parrots the party line of the Washington Establishment that Russia interfered in our election . . . never mind that no evidence of any kind has ever been presented by the Deep State Oligarchs who are trying to destroy Trump.

(AP) -- Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, President Donald Trump's nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Russia, told Congress on Tuesday that Moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election led directly to the lack of trust between the two former Cold War foes.
Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Huntsman struck a tough tone amid heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow. The relationship has been marred in recent months by a series of expulsions of diplomats and closures of diplomatic missions.
"There is no question that the Russian government interfered in the U.S. election last year and Moscow continues to meddle in the democratic processes of our friends and allies," said Huntsman, who also noted that Russia continues to disregard its commitments to arms control treaties.
"Right now we're at a low point," he said. "It reminds me of 1986."
He said he would not hesitate to remind Russian officials that they are accountable for their actions. But he also said there are areas of possible cooperation and common interest for Russia and the United States, including defusing North Korea's nuclear ambitions and missions in space.
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19% of students support violence to suppress free speech

This Bullshit Never Changes

  • Back in college Leftist trash La Raza members would come over to our Young Republican table and rip up our posters right in front of us.  Fuck all Leftists and their bastard spawn.

(Infowars)  -  A new poll conducted by the Brooking Institution has found that 19% of students support the use of violence to shut down ‘offensive’ free speech and over half support the use of heckling to shut down speakers opposed by protesters.
When asked if it was acceptable for a student group to disrupt a “controversial speaker” by “loudly and repeatedly shouting so that the audience cannot hear the speaker,” 51% of students agreed with this compared to 49% who opposed it.
In other words, over half of students don’t support unimpeded free speech.
The students were then asked if it was OK for a student group opposed to the speaker to use “violence to prevent the speaker from speaking”.
19% agreed that violence was acceptable in this context, leading the Brookings Institution to comment that “the fraction of students who view the use of violence as acceptable is extremely high” and that “any number significantly above zero is concerning”.
A clear majority of students (62%) believe it should be “legally required” for a group to offer a platform to a speaker with an opposing point of view if that on-campus organization is “featuring a speaker known for making statements that many students consider to be offensive and hurtful.”

60% of Californians want Socialist rent control

California Moves to Socialism

  • 76% of Democrats and even 35% of "Conservative" Republicans want socialist rent control over private property.
  • Housing prices push 25% of Californians to consider leaving the state.

(Sacramento Bee)  -  More than half of California voters say the state’s housing affordability crisis is so bad that they’ve considered moving, and 60 percent of the electorate supports rent control, according to a new statewide poll.
The findings from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies reflect broad concerns Californians have over the soaring cost of living. Amid an unprecedented housing shortage, rents have skyrocketed and tenants have faced mass evictions, especially in desirable areas.
“It’s an extremely serious problem,” said poll director Mark DiCamillo. “People are being forced to consider moving because of the rising cost of housing – that’s pretty prevalent all over the state.”
Of the 56 percent of voters who said they’ve considered moving, 1 in 4 said they’d relocate out of state if they did.
About half of the state’s voters – 48 percent – said they consider the problem of housing affordability “extremely serious.” Concerns are more prevalent in areas seen as ground zero for the crisis, including the Bay Area, where 65 percent of voters described the problem that way.
The issue has led to an intensifying debate over rent control in California. In Los Angeles County, 68 percent of voters said they support stronger limits on rent increases, while 63 percent in the Bay Area said so.
The majority of support for rent control is among renters, who have seen prices grow nearly 4 percent since last year, according to data compiled by the real estate listing service Apartment List. California’s median rent for a one-bedroom is now at $1,750, while a two-bedroom is $2,110, Apartment List found. Among the most expensive cities are San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.
Of the voters who have considered moving, most are renters and fall in the 30 to 39 age group, followed by voters age 18 to 29.
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Communist Armed Thugs Invade Church

Tho Hoa parish priest Nguyen Duy Tan

(Radio Free Asia)  -  Men in plain clothes and armed with pistols, batons, and pepper spray descended on a Catholic church in southeast Vietnam’s Dong Nai province on Monday to confront the parish priest over a Facebook post the priest had made urging political reform in the one-party communist state.

The assault, in which the church’s attackers arrived by bus, took place at about 10:00 a.m. on Sept. 4 at the Tho Hoa parish church in the Xuan Tho commune in the province’s Xuan Loc district, parish priest Nguyen Duy Tan wrote later on his Facebook page.

Tan identified at least one of the harassing group as a member of a local pro-government activist group, Tan told RFA’s Vietnamese Service on Sept. 5.

“I recognized Nguyen Trong Nghia of the Red Flags group,” Tan said, adding that he saw other signs of support for the group from local police and other authorities.

“Commune security kept inviting them back to their office, and district security officers behaved the same way, refusing to do any work at the scene. They wouldn’t note down the registration numbers of the guns or count how many bullets they had,” he said.

Tan told RFA he declined to press charges with police against the group because “they are all on the same side, the side of the Communist Party.”

“There would have been no point in pushing for prosecution,” he said.

Writing on Facebook, Tan said that he had locked the church gate when the group arrived, and had rung the church’s bell to alert parishioners in the neighborhood to come to help.

Parishioners then briefly held 13 of the invading group, who identified themselves as Catholics and wrote in a statement of “confession” that they were angry at Tan because he had wanted to “overthrow the Communist Party and government of Vietnam” and had used insulting words against Party founder Ho Chi Minh.

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